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Reviews from our customers

        I love your patterns and instructions. Yours are the only ones I can follow from a PDF 

        without a video tutorial. - Laurie

        I have enjoyed making your patterns. I absolutely love the various colors you use for

        construction.  I wish a purse/tote bag designers would follow your lead.

        Barbara P.


Slim Dog Walking Bag

"I have just bought and downloaded this pattern, and have been reading through the instructions.   May I just say a huge thank you – what a delight to find well written and clearly illustrative photographs especially using different colours for the sections which make it so much easier to follow and understand.   I can see now why so many people are enjoying making this bag. 

Haven’t yet even started cutting out, however with these instructions, I feel confident that I can achieve a good result.

I have recently started making bags, and your instructions are simply the best I have read!

Thank you for making a newbie sewer’s life so much easier"

"Great pattern, easy to follow"


"Lovely pattern and easy to follow"

"This is a wonderful pattern. It has room for everything I need. One of the unique things about this pattern is it includes printable labels to clip or pin to each piece so you know exactly which piece goes where, and I certainly can use all the help I can get. I would highly recommend this product and this vendor."


"I was impressed with how complete the pattern was with great step by step directions. A very good buy for us!"


"I love this bag and I love the pattern! Well designed and clearly written."

"Thank you for this easy transaction. Very satisfied my purchase."


"Adorable pattern and super easy to follow! Love it."


"so easy to follow the instructions"

"Thank you for the wonderful pattern! It's perfect for me and my pup. Made a few adjustments to match the fabric. You pattern is so wonderful and easy to follow. I'm not the most fluent sewer But this was great. Thank you so much!"


"I Love this pattern. Even though it is rated as an intermidiate skills pattern the illustrations using a different color for each piece make it an excellent beginners pattern. The instructions were very easy to follow along step by step with excellent illustrations. I've used similar patterns before but this will definitely be my go to pattern for a quick, small cross body bag"

Spacious Dog Walking Bag

"This pattern comes complete with easy to follow directions. Love it!"

"This pattern is thorough and complete. Easy to follow. Makes a nice bag!"

"Absolutely loved making this pattern!! I did my strap a bit different but I found the instructions fantastic. I'm quite new to sewing (4.5 months) and I found this pattern so easy to follow. Thank you!!"

Shirt Tissue Holder


"Very cute! I had one made an hour after receiving it! Thank you."


"I am so obsessed with this little shirt tissue holder! Great pics and instructions. Easy to follow. Thank you!"


"Like the easy to follow directions and the results. Really cute!"


"Very cute pattern. Easy to follow directions and easy to make!"


"Lovely Pattern....Thanks you for this deal to Germany :)) Hugs & Kisses , Annette xx"


"Easy to sew and makes a great gift idea!"


"There should be a warning attached to this pattern: Warning, making these tissue holders is addictive! Quick easy, the instructions couldn't be easier to understand and what a great stash busting project! Using various fabric print themes for each gift recipient is lots of fun, shamrock print for my Irish friends, music print for a radio announcer friend, you get the idea! Gotta' go and sew!"

Zip Away Cross-body Bag

"Love the bag so simple. Great for a vacation trip with all the zippered pockets."

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